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DIY instruments using machine learning. This is a research project developed in the department of Digital Media and Communication of the Ionian University by Dimitri Smailis aka Roblokie Aflo. 

Machine learning techniques in the music class

To date, Artificial Intelligence and ML-based music generators have not thoroughly convinced musicophiles in terms of appreciation. This premise is amplified by the fact that humanity has a long way ahead in morally accept- ing the creative endeavors of machines. Therefore, articulating intent when using ML&AI in music practice seems to be an acceptable practice and this explains the fact that ML&AI music generators are being promoted as creation assistants. Likewise, we suggest that ML algorithms have the potential to be used effectively as teaching assistants.


We have come up with a set of tools to support music educators and creative practitioners



Play melodies on any scale and any mode.



Play any diatonic chord 



create an instrument with any number of triggers.



Create an instrument with the exact number of notes of a piece of music

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launch scenes in Ableton Live using audio (pitch).

Zero Latency Max for Live scene launcher device that lets you use audio to launch scenes in Ableton Live. It uses pitch information from an incoming signal either from a microphone or from an electrical instrument i.e. guitar, plugged on to your audio interface. Launch the scene by playing or singing that note. Launch scenes with pitch from any instrument. Tested with several instruments, microphones and with a guitar and it works fine from as low as E2 (6th string open) and as high as E5 (end of guitar neck).Tested with Ableton Live 9, 10 and 11. It works on both Mac and Windows, 64bit. Follow me on Gumroad to get more interactive plugins.

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